Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today I took a break from fiddle repair to travel to Calhoun County to visit my friend, Lester McCumbers.    Lester is the quintessential West Virginia old-time fiddler and can be seen here from 2006-

Lester's wife of 72 years, Linda, died earlier this month and a visit seemed to be in order.

As usual, the drive down was scenic and enjoyable -
On my arrival at Lester's, I discovered another friend, Reed Krack, was also there waiting, whether for me I don't know.    After the three of us visited for a bit, examined fiddles and told a few lies, Reed had to leave to check his own place up the road.

On my way down I had stopped by the Donut Shop in Buckhannon to purchase my favorite meal for Lester and myself so we had our lunch -Lester decided to substitute chocolate milk instead of Dr. Pepper but we each enjoyed a pepperoni roll and a maple glazed donut.

We watched a video of the 1973 Glenville Fair in which a number of old fiddlers that I never got a chance to meet were performing and the ones I do know were significantly younger.

Earlier in his life Lester had been a much sought after guitar player so he demonstrated for me how he could no longer play because he couldn't get his right hand to work right -  
  Yeah, sure.

Happily, Lester also spent some time showing me how to play "Cherry River Line" on the fiddle.

Sadly, time to go, and as I drove off down the lane I could see Lester standing in front of his house, missing Lindy.


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