Sunday, April 25, 2010

Newsy Bits

Woops!    Got a little behind.    We're home now and before I finish up with Thursday and Friday of my instrument repair saga, I should take a quick moment to bring DNA news up to date.

Claude Allen Berry, #191, is a new participant expected/hoped to be another Barry/Berry with a Y-DNA67 test.    I've listed his yAncestry among the Unassigned folks so as not to jinx them.

Y-DNA12 results have been returned for Dalon Berry of Nashville, Tennessee.    As best I can tell with only 12 markers tested, he appears a possible match to the English Colony Berry family.

Unfortunately, Dalon failed to respond to my welcome letter of last March and request for yAncestry information and is not listed in the Project.    I wonder if any of you might know him and might be able to prevail on him to respond to my letter.    "The more we share, the more we know"


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