Sunday, May 02, 2010

Instrument Repair Thursday

This is my report from Thursday, April 22 (catching up) -

Fiddle construction and repair uses horsehide glue (for the most part) as an adhesive.    I know there's a lot I don't understand about it but I think that I know that it has a temperature factor in its proper adhesion.    For that reason, we warm the parts that we want to glue before application of the glue and clamping.

Here, I'm warming the saddle location and the saddle (laying on the fiddle) -The rubber bands are used for clamping the saddle after application of the glue.

Here, the loose seam that I discovered at Lester's -

Always a highlight of Thursday's at SFI is lunch at Bob's Hot Dogs.    Here's my treat for this year, hot dog with ramps and home fries.    Um! -
Here's my saddle, glued and clamped -
and here's Betty's 3/4 fiddle, almost finished, and my seam, glued and clamped -


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