Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Skinny

It took a little while but we now have some resolution to the last post.

First, Bryan's, #49, FGS results (finally) came in!    They don't actually help the Y-DNA Project but, hopefully, they'll move Bryan further in his investigation of his family heritage.    Still no sign of Betty's, #n1, FGS, though.

And, even better, Cliff, #189, got his Y-DNA26-37 panel results.    They don't send any notices out about them because his Y-DNA12-25 panel has not been reported yet.    It does, however give us a chance to compare more markers and make some better estimations of relatedness, and . . . . . . it looks pretty certain that Cliff is a New Jersey Berry.    Comparing just these 24 markers reported, Cliff matches Larry, #9, and Ronald, #86, exactly, and is a genetic distance of one from Paul, #111.


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