Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DNA Heritage

DNA Heritage has just announced the availability of an additional 15 markers beyond its standard 43 marker kit.    These additional markers are DYS481, DYS508, DYS522, DYS527A, DYS527B, DYS549, DYS552, DYS552.1, DYS570, DYS576, DYS607, DYS627, DYS643, DYS724A and DYS724B.

How significant this offering is I'm unable to say.    To begin with I think that we have just a couple of folks in the Project that have tested with DNAH.    In addition, as best I can determine, only DYS 481, 522, 570, 576 and 607 of the new offering are also offered by FTDNA.    Not sure who we'd compare the other nine markers with.
[Update:    DYS724 is another name for CDY]

Just in case there is any interest, though, the upgrade is being offered for $104 for a week - until midnight Central time on Tuesday, October 26th.


Blogger langolier said...

Per David Reynolds -
'Looks like DYS508, DYS552, and DYS627 are the only ones not available from FTDNA.

DYS724 is another name for CDY; CDY, DYS570, DYS576, and DYS607 are in the Y37 panel 3. DYS481 is in the Y67 panel 4.

The others are in the advanced panels. DYS643 is in panel 2. DYS522 and DYS549 are in Panel 9. DYS527 is another name for DYF401, which is in Panel 5.'

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