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Went to America

[The following is contributed by Patrick Berry, #60, of Perth.    Patrick is an Augusta/Washington Co. Berry but searches many Berry lines from the UK.    This is offered because of its references, went to America, in case anyone recognizes any names, dates or places as theirs.]

Berry of Berrymount & Berry of Croghan
(unedited extract from Lorton Wilson MS)

    Generation One

  1.     William Berry, b. in Edinburgh;    Gentleman.    Held lands of Gortnevin, Multollagh and Baylyborough & Braklin in Co. Cavan in the right of his wife.    Living 26 June 1724.    He married Sarah ?.     Sarah was sister of Jane, wife of Archibald Peacock of Cavan and of Ursula, wife of Nicholas Barron of Westmeath.
      2. i. William Berry.

    Generation Two

  2.     William Berry. Of Mullaynduffe in the Parish of Kildallon in 1720 and of Aghubane, Co Cavan, in 1734.    His parentage as documented here by L.A W. is not certain.
      3.i.? Berry.
      4.ii.James Berry.
      iii.Sidney Berry.    She married George Robinson.    Of Cavanaeaw, Co. Armagh.

    Generation Three

  3.     ? Berry.
      5.i.Jack? Berry.

  4.     James Berry, d. between 1770 and 177.    Of Berrymount, also Gubrushin, Co. Cavan of which he obtained a lease from Alexander Faris in 1753.
      6.i.Thomas Berry.
      ii.Alexander Berry, d. c. 1811.    Buried in Kildallon Churchyard, resided Berrymount, Co. Cavan.    Of Berrymount, Co. Cavan.    Bought Drumhart for £2124 in sale ordered by Court and Chancery, 1784/8.
      iii.Daughter.    She married William Norris.

    Generation Four

  5.     Jack? Berry, resided Croghan, Killeshandra, Co.Cavan.     L.A.W. suggests that this was probably Jack Berry of Croghan, who died before 4 Nov. 1787, when his widow was living at Whitefield, Co. Cavan.    His reason for supposing this was that Jack Berry's son (presumably James Berry of Croghan) claimed cousinship with James Berry of Berrymount - see BERRY OF CROGHAN.    He married Elizabeth Armstrong (daughter of James Armstrong).    Still living in 1811.
      i.Francis Berry, d. 1862. Of Carrigans.
      7.ii.James Berry b. 1773.
      8.iii.Mary Berry.

  6.     Thomas Berry, d. 1835.    Of Bocade, Co. Cavan and of Rockfield, which he bought from Robert Faris in 1777.    J.P. 1797.    He married Mary Pringle (daughter of John Pringle).    Of Ballyline, Co. Cavan.
      i.William Berry.
      9.ii.Alexander Berry b. 1773.
      10.iii.James Berry.
      iv.George Berry.
      v.Elizabeth Jane Berry.

    Generation Five

  7.     James Berry, b. 1773, d. 11 April 1861.     Of Croghan.    He married Margaretta ?, b. 1777, d. 9 May 1861.
      i.Thomas Berry. Went to America.
      11.ii.John Berry.
      iii.? Berry. Son, died in infancy.
      iv.? Berry. Son, died in infancy.
      v.? Berry. Daughter, died young.
      vi.James Berry, d. 15 Jan. 1866. Went to America.
      vii.? Berry. Daughter, married.
      viii.? Berry. Daughter, married.
      ix.? Berry. Daughter, married.
      x.? Berry. Daughter, married.
      xi.? Berry. Daughter, married.
      xii.? Berry. Daughter, married.
      xiii.? Berry. Daughter, married.

  8.     Mary Berry, d. June 1863. She married ? Morton. Of Glassmullagh, Co. Wermanagh.
      12.i.Tom Morton.

  9.     Alexander Berry, b. 1773, d. 18 Oct. 1835, occupation Attorney.    Of Ballyline and Rockfield.    Bought lands of Aghavore, Crockabea and Aghavenbegg from Thomas Carson on 21 April 1799 for £2000.    Lieut. Killeshandra Infantry;    resigned 1805.    He married Arabella (Mabel) Story (daughter of Joseph Story and Francis Arabella Sneyd).    Arabella was daughter of Ven. Joseph Story, Archdeacon of Kipmore.
      i.Alexander Berry, b. c. 1802.    Matric. T.C.D. 5 July 1821, aged 19. Educated by Dr Moore.    Jane was his cousin.     He married Jane Lanauze.
      ii.Thomas Berry, occupation Capt. in Yeomanry.

  10.     James Berry, d. May 1857 in Will proven 1866, occupation Military, resided Berrymount.     Lieut. Killeshandra Infantry May 1805.    He married (1) Mary Anne Faris.    He married (2) Anne Levinge Moore.
                   Children by Anne Levinge Moore:
      13.i.Alexander Berry.
      14.ii.James Berry.

    Generation Six

  11.     John Berry, d. 14 Dec. 1879, occupation Linen bleacher.     Of Ravensdale, Co. Louth.    Moved to Fairmount, Co. Cavan, c. 1841.    He married Jane Breakey (daughter of John Breakey and Bessie Small), d. 29 Jan. 1894    Buried in "Friends Sleeping Place" Rosenalie.
      i.James Berry, b. 25 April 1840, d. 25 Dec. 1883 at Westport;    buried at Newport.    Of Westport.    Owned 42 acres odd in Co. Cavan, valued at £16.10.0. p.a.    He married Henrietta O'Donel, d. 1920 in Dublin.
      ii.Margrette Jane Berry.
      iii.John Berry.
      iv. John Berry.
      v.Sarah Berry.
      vi.Edward Berry.
      vii.Thomas Albert Berry.
      viii.George Frederick Berry.

  12.     Tom Morton. Of Glassmullagh.
      i.John Morton. Went abroad.
      ii.Edward Morton, occupation M.D.
      iii.Thomas Morton, d. in Before 1921.
      iv.Gerald Morton, d. in Died before 1921.
      v.Alexander Morton.     Sold Glassmullagh and went abroad.

  13.     Alexander Berry, d. Sept. 1869. Of Drumane, near Killeshandra and Berrymount.
    James Berry is recorded as owning over 500 acres in county Leitrim in the 1870s.    In 1851 Alexander and Mary Anne Berry had offered over 300 acres in the barony of Carrigallen for sale in tne Encumbered Estates Court.    Alexander Berry was residing at Drumany, Killeshandra at that time.    [source]    He married Mary Anne Irwin, d. 16 Jan. 1890.    Mary Anne was daughter of William Irwin of Bilberry Hill.    She was Alexander's cousin.
      i.William Berry, resided of Bilberry Hill.    L.A.W. is uncertain if this William is the William Berry of Berrymount who owned 134 acres valued at £102.12.0.
      ii.James Alexander Berry, resided in Mullaghmore.     L.A.W. is uncertain that this is James Berry of Berrymount, who owned 118 acres in Co. Cavan, valued at £80.15.0 p.a. and 584 acres in Co. Leitrim valued at £285.10.0. p.a.    He hanged himself (J.A.).    He married Elizabeth Finlay.

  14.     James Berry, resided Sandville.    Of Sandville.    He married (1) Anne Ferguson.     Daughter of Andrew Ferguson of Correy, Co. Longford.    He married (2) Sarah Elliott.
                   Children by Anne Ferguson:
      i.James Berry, d. at Sandford, resided Sandville.    Owned 64 acres in Co. Cavan, valued at £48.10.0. p.a. and 184 in Co. Longford valued at £58.12.0. p.a.    He married ? Magee. Of Tully.    She and James seperated.
      ii.? Berry.
      iii.Thomas Berry, b. c. 1803, d. 1851. Of Rockfield. He married Susan Powell. Susan was widow of ? Lanauze.
      iv.John Berry, d. 28 Feb. 1888, occupation Stipendiary Magistrate.    Of Carrickhill near Belturbet.    He married Letitia Margaret Hensworth (daughter of Denton Boate Hensworth and Elizabeth Hume).
      v.Mary Anne Berry.    She married (1) George Crawford. Of Arba, Co. Cavan.    She married (2) ? Veaitch.
      vi.Elizabeth Berry.     She married William Armstrong. Of Kilbracken, Co. Leitrim.

                   Children by Sarah Elliott:
      vii.Thomas Berry.
      viii.? Berry.
      ix.? Berry.
      x.? Berry.
      xi.? Berry.
      xii.? Berry.
      xiii.? Berry.
      xiv.? Berry.

Patrick's excellant website, Irish Berry Genealogy, may be seen by clicking here.


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