Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys uploading

Well, I sure hope that these applications are getting a lot more complicated because, if they aren't, I'm in a rapid decline.   

I've used an application called Cyberduck for several years for my occasional data upload to my various 'projects'.    I never recall it being automatic but I also don't recall it being all that confusing.    Now it seems that I have a great many options which would be much easier to choose between if I had any idea what they were.    Problem is, I don't even understand the words they use to explain them.

I would advise staying away from trying to use the Augusta/Washington Co. Berry database for a little while.    I started the upload of my web cards at 8:42 PM - that's last night - and it's been pretty much a 'hands on' process.    I have no way to guess when I'll be finished but, until then, I'd expect the database to act pretty peculiarly.

It's difficult to tell how far along in the upload process I am.    The folders each contain varying numbers of files, up to 500, so I can't just count folders to see where I am.    But, just simply guessing from the number of folders uploaded and the number of folders yet to be uploaded, it could will be quite some time yet.   

I'll keep you posted.


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