Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Commodore John Barry

My son, Jon, has become a soccer fan and has affiliated himself with the Angel City Brigade, a fan group of the LA Galaxy.    Tonight they played in Philly so Jon had to watch on TV.    Apparently, from the stadium there's a view of the Commodore Barry Bridge and the announcer discussed a bit of it's honoree's history during the game.    Jon said, "Ya cant really help but look up when you hear the announcer of the game keep saying your name!"    Being the dutiful son, he thought he should bring it to my attention.

John Barry, 1745-1803.    Born at Ballysampson on Our Lady's Island, which is part of Tacumshin Parish in County Wexford, Ireland.    Died September 12, 1803, at his country home "Strawberry Hill," some three miles north of Philadelphia.    Buried in Philadelphia's Old St. Mary's Churchyard.

You can read about Commodore John Barry here.

Can any of you Barrys trace your line to the Commodore?   


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