Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Update: Genetic Distance Comparison Table

A couple of upgrades/updates to the Project website to report.

First, in an attempt to accommodate FTDNA's conversion to 111 markers I have had to recode the Numerical yResults and Family yResults pages.    For some reason, the Family yResults page was very time consuming and took the better part of the past year.    I do know that part of the reason was that I wanted to set it up so that I could relatively easily copy its data for pasting into Dean McGee's Y-DNA Comparison Utility (found here:    Utility) without having to thereafter tweak it so it didn't clog the utility.

Both the tables contain 'hidden' values which 'show' by hovering the cursor above them.    An example is the identification square at the beginning and end of each row.    Hovering there reveals the participant's name and testing company/kit number.    Multi-copy markers are another instance where additional data is available that can't be shown (for ease in copying, mentioned earlier).    In any instance where additional data is available the square will 'highlight' when the cursor is hovered over it.

Also, a current genetic distance table for all the Project members has been run and may be studied here:    TABLE

The current table is always available through the link at the bottom of the Numerical and Family yResults pages.

The arrangement of the table is DNA families first in the same order as displayed on the Family yResults page, followed by the unassigned participants in numerical order at the bottom of the table.    The top row and the first column contain the participant's numbers.


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