Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where in the World is Roger Dale Berry?

I've been trying to locate Roger Dale Berry since February of this year when I first discovered how to extract data from the SMGF Y-DNA results page and recognized his lineage posted there.   At least I believe it was he that did the test.   I based my conclusion on my research of the Benton County Berrys which could be in error.

Here's what I found:
associated with this pedigree:which I compared with this pedigree from my Benton Co. Berrys database:
Now granted, William Thomas Berry did have other male children but I'm not aware that any of them besides Roger Francis married an Anderson.   The other thing I don't know for sure is that Roger Francis Berry had no other male children.   Roger Dale Berry is the only one I think I know about.

Since Roger Dale Berry already had his results posted at SMGF and I think I know his male line, I want to invite him to join the Berry Family DNA Project, but I can't locate him to ask.   Using the internet I think I tracked him to Hayti, Missouri but can't be sure and all inquiries and postings have gone unanswered.

Since I have his information I suppose I could just 'conscript' him as a Project member, but that somehow doesn't seem exactly cricket.

Anyone know him?


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