Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys

At last!    The Augusta/Washington Co. Berry database has been updated and facelifted and its new version can be seen here.    It also contains just over 3000 folks additional to the previous online version, for a total of 38,913 in the entire database.    That figure is somewhat misleading, however, because the database comprises all those folks related to my kids, that is, both my and Betty's families.    Just over 4100 of them, plus spouses, are Betty's kin.

As you might imagine, the upload of a database of this size is not an inconsequential undertaking.    I can't say just how long it took but certainly the better part of a day.    I can't say for certain because I left it uploading overnight and it 'timed out' somewhere in the process.    That's one of the difficulties.    You can't just tell the computer to upload the whole file and expect it not to need tending.

At any rate.    Here it is.    Please let me know if anything doesn't go where it should or seems to behave strangely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort, Jim. I look forward to browsing through it. I'm planning to make a DVD on my Berry's and this updated database will be a great resource.

Artie Berry

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Jim:
This does look very nice. I ploughed around through a lot of the Augusta BERRYs. It's hard to believe how much information has now been developed on all of them. 34,000+ - absolutely amazing.


12:24 PM  

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