Monday, March 16, 2009

Those Faires Berrys again

We have a couple new members of the Faires Berry family so it seemed like a good time to review their numbers.

First, as usual, their allele numbers -From these few samples it is difficult to determine which may represent the family haplotype particularly in view of the disagreement of results at DYS 576.    A clearer view may be seen here.

Their table of genetic distances from one another -
And their table of Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor. [Caveat:   Consider these estimates with care.    At best they represent a 75% probability of a common ancestor within the given time range which, of course, necessarily includes the 25% possibility of no common ancestor within that time frame]
And now the gravy.     The 25 and 37 marker cladograms for this family. From this, still meager, sample of results Paul, #36, and Ted, #137, appear to have the inside track for family haplotype.


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