Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unassigned Berrys

OK.    This is for all you Unassigned (unmatched) guys.    I've updated the Unassigned Distances page by comparing all the Unassigned Berrys with one another.    The haplotype chart and the Genetic Distance table may be seen here.

You will notice that here and there in the table you see folks that seem to match one another.    I've put those folks adjacent to each other and here is their haplotype table and their genetic distance table.And a genetic distance table showing only the folks being compared.What's wrong with this picture?    Don't they match and are, therefore, related?

Nope, not necessarily.    Let's look at what we've got.    In the first group, ##s 3, 56, 147 and 109, who matches?    #3 matches #147 but no one else.    #56 matches #147 but no one else.    #109 matches #147 but no one else.    What's going on?    Well, the 'match' between #3 and #147 is really only 19/21 and two of the markers #147 is missing from #3's 25 markers are fast movers, DYS458 and DYS449.

#56 and #147 are missing those same fast movers plus DYS576, DYS570 and CDYa&b, all also fast mutating markers.    Same for #109 and #147.    And look at the distance between #56 and #109, 11!

The next group, #10, #121 and #155 is much the same.    The basic problem being that #155 has not tested fast moving markers DYS576, DYS570 and CDYa&b plus DYS459a&b.

The last group, #70 and #144, are our same old nemesis, essentially a 12 marker match.    Maybe, maybe not.

What's the answer?    More markers.    It may well be that one or more of the matches are real.    Only more markers will tell.


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