Monday, May 11, 2009

Three years!    Who'da guessed?

We began this blog three years ago today without any real expectations for the future.    We began with a Project Update so maybe today we'll just compare where we are with where we were.

At that time we had 64 Y-DNA members and 2 mtDNA members, plus two of our Y-DNA members had also done their mtDNA.    Now we have 165 Y-DNA members, 9 mtDNA members and at least 12 of our Y-DNA members have also done their mtDNA.

Then we had results back for 62 of those and they represented 39 separate and unrelated to one another Berry families.    Today we have results for 175 folks who represent 72 separate, distinct and unrelated to one another Berry families!

Our largest group is still the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys now with 26 members.

The Madison Co. Berrys have replaced the Benton Co. Berrys as our next largest group with 14 members, followed by the Benton Co. Berrys and the Orange Co., NC Berrys with 11 members each.    Then the Berry Plain Berrys with 10 and the Faires Berrys with 9 members.

We've had a couple of 'disappointments' and a few surprises.    Surprises are nicer but disappointments enable us to focus our efforts where they will be more productive instead of continuuing to try to prove a relationship that doesn't exist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW -- 175 participants and 72 separate and distinct BERRY lineages. How amazing!!

When you started the project in 2003, Jim, I think many of us believed that 'most' of the BERRYs from the colonial era in America would surely turn out to be closely related. Maybe I should just speak for myself in that belief, but I think lots of us thought that is how it would turn out.

I'm so glad you started the BERRY project, Jim.


12:24 PM  
Blogger langolier said...

We can't forget Cookie Paulson who was the one who stepped forward in 2003 when we were discussing this and said that she'd undertake the Project, thus giving me the cover I apparently needed to tell her that I'd help her thinking that I could at least provide a website for whatever we were undertaking.

I think none of us really had much of an inkling as to how DNA might really help in those days. Babes in the wilderness.

3:24 PM  

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