Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More 'Improvements'

I decided that it was counter-productive to update the 'Family' portion of the Family yResults page to facilitate the efficient use of Dean McGee's Y-DNA Comparison Utility without updating the Unassigned folks.     I undertook, and have now competed, that task, adding them to the end of the Family yResults page.

Running a new Genetic Distance exam thru Dean's Utility indicated (to me) that a couple of folks were related to others that we hadn't previously recognized.

Participant #153, Thomas Jeffrey Barry, now appears likely to be a Faires Berrys but since Tom has not shared his yAncestry with us we have no way to check.     We may have a clue, however, from the yAncestry of John Henry Barry IV (ID #114), Tom having listed his earliest known ancestor as Thomas Henry Barry 1814-1891.     Tom tested only 12 markers originally but also decided to do a DYS464X test for some reason.     Even though no other Faires participant has done the extended DYS464 test, the basic values match nicely.

Also, Participant #70, Charles Henry Berry has only tested 12 markers but appears likely to be a Strawbery Banke Berry.     His yAncestry doesn't indicated it in any way but also doesn't preclude it and Dean's Utility says yes so we'll call it a 'possible'.     More markers tested would tell for sure.

The third is one of the haplotypes I 'gleaned' from Ysearch, Thomas Berry, ECNWC, who matches one of the 'Other matches' at the bottom of the page comprised of C. Berry, Ysearch W2YZ9, and Thomas Willard Berry, Participant #51, who seems to be descended from an early Albemarle Co., Virginia, line.     All three claim to descend from Isham Berry, 1753-1827.     I should probably suggest that they get in touch with one another.


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