Monday, May 22, 2006

The case for More Markers

This is a skeleton cladogram showing the relative positions of those Berrys tested at the 37 marker level, without the inclusion of the marker difference numbers.   It is my understanding that the line lengths themselves correspond to some extent to 'relatedness'.   To see the cladogram showing all the marker 'differences', click here.
Click cladogram to magnify image

At the 37 marker level we have approximately 20 participants testing including three family groups, the Benton Co. Berrys, the Orange Co., NC Berrys and the Augusta/Washington Berrys, shown above by the gold, red and purple boxes, respectively.

At the 37 marker level, there are at least two family groupings that we can begin to see splitting into their family lines and one not.   This is especially evident when we compare these cladograms with those 25 marker cladograms posted on May 19.
Click cladogram to magnify image

On the Main page, the family groups represented are the Orange Co., NC group and the Benton Co. group.   The Orange Co. group we can see splitting into families.   The Benton Co. Group, on the other hand, are grandfather, father and two sons, which we would not expect to see split.   It might be helpful to also refer to the 37 marker distance table as we examine these cladograms.

Click cladogram to magnify image

On the Stalk page we find seven members of the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys who seem to have split into lines that are not exactly what we thought we knew or what we guessed from our paper trail.   It will be very interesting to see what the splits will be if these same people test to 66 markers.

Stay tuned.


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