Friday, July 14, 2006

Project newsy bits

I have determined to no longer support or update the Y-DNA12 distances table.   It is my opinion that 12 markers is not sufficient to prove relatedness, thus the work/reward ratio is not favorable enough to continue it.   All the HTML coding is done by hand and these tables often require that new results be interlined in order to show family relatedness.   Please take my word that this is a very difficult and confusing process.   It is no less so for the 25 and 37 marker tables, but there it seems to me the reward is sufficient to merit the effort.   I will, however, continue to update the 12 marker distance table generated by Dean McGee's Utility, as well as the manually generated 25 and 37 marker distance tables and Dean McGee's 25 marker, 37 marker and Combined distance tables.

Walter Gorton Berry, #14, is upgrading to 37 markers.   Good news for the Augusta/Washington Berrys!

Jim Berry, #7, has ordered the I1a Subgroup Panel including SNPs M170 (or M258 or P19), P38, P40, M227, M253, P30, M21, M72, from Ethnoancestry.


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