Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sorry, more newsy bits

This next week is going to be somewhat hit or miss for blog posts.   This next week is 'Grandkids week'.   All the grandkids, sans parents, show up at the cabin for a week of various activities.   Whatever we can think of (and last through).   During the week we usually go to a musical at the local college (Footloose this year), a baseball game and pizza, the horse races where they figure the odds, we place the bets and they divide their winnings.   We'll hit a steel drum band performance on Friday.   Plus the usual swimming, kayaking, sleeping on the big screened porch in a row of cots a la' Madeline, water gun fights and just hanging out.   I don't know yet whether any or all can stay through next Saturday.   If they can we can go to the 145th anniversary reeeactment of the 1st Battle of Bull Run.   10,000 reenactors.   Whew!   

So, to the DNA:
I've managed to update the TMRCA data table, the combined distances table, and the auto 12, 25, and 37 marker distances tables.

I saw the following information in one of the lists I follow. It had a current date on it but I can't explain the reference to '59 Markers'.   Hopefully, we can read that as '67 Markers'.

FTDNA has suggested that the following are typical times between the time when the kit goes to the lab for processing and the availability of results:
12 Marker Y-DNA - 4 weeks
25 Marker Y-DNA - 6 weeks
37 Marker Y-DNA - 6 weeks
59 Marker Y-DNA - 6 weeks
12 to 25 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 4 Weeks
12 to 37 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 4 Weeks
25 to 37 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 4 Weeks
12 to 59 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 6 Weeks
25 to 59 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 5 Weeks
37 to 59 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 5 Weeks

mtDNA Tests - 5 Weeks

(kits go to the lab in batches every week)

These times are for tests that have a successful outcome from the first run at the lab.   Approximately 85% of the first runs are successful.   The tests are rerun on the other 15% until a good result is obtained.   Unfortunately, each rerun adds two weeks to the process.   When a delay occurs, your sample is being rerun as many times as it takes to achieve a successful result.

Oh, forgot to mention the reason for hit or miss posts.   As though running with the grandkids weren't enough.   The phone lines to the cabin won't support DSL so I'll be sans internet connection, in fact, sans computer.


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