Thursday, August 31, 2006

For all you mtDNA fans

As you know, I am very new at creating cladograms showing the Y-mutation distances between our Project members, and very much a novice at interpreting them.   Well, now we may all be in trouble for I'm beginning to discover the rudiments of creating cladograms for our mtDNA participants.   It requires that both the HVR1 and the HVR2 regions have been tested, which is probably a good thing since we only have four that have done both.   Here's my cladogram for their markers:
The participants are identified by kit numbers with their haplogroup and all the data may be seen on the Project mtDNA Test Results page.

Discretion suggests that I just leave it at that for now rather than attempt to interpret whatever meaning there is in this diagram.   --   Well, maybe I'll take a little shot at it.   Actually, to be fair, it may be more an observation than an interpretation.   It appears to me that if you follow the markers on all the legs between any two participants, all the marker 'differences' will be listed.   That is, every marker listed, one of the two participants has and the other does not have.


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