Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New results

Several new results were posted at FTDNA today.   William Martin, #73, has his first 12 markers and is haplogroup R1b1.   Alas, no matches.   Michael Dwain, #68, received markers 13 - 37.   Still no matches (turns out he's no. 16 on the 'main stem' cladogram, below).   And Walter, #14, received his 26-37 markers.   He is the 9th member of the Augusta/Washington family with 37 markers and their cladogram is getting interesting, but confusing.

In addition, Jonathan, #12, a member of the Culpeper Co. Berry family, has ordered his 25-67 upgrade.   

Okay, now to the cladograms:This is a cladogram of all 37 marker tested Berrys with the relative genetic distances being fairly accurately portrayed with the exception of the section of the long leg that had to be cut out to make the Berry universe fit on the page.

And here's the 'expanded' Augusta/Washington Berry family shown in the upper left, above:It's beginning to take on a three-dimensional shape.

Here's the main stem:Each of the yellow circles represents a person except no. 1 which is the four identically haplotyped Benton Co. Berrys.


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