Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Notable Berrys

After yesterdy's flurry of activity there's not much going on on the DNA front today so I thought it might be a good time to mention some notable Berrys.   Some I knew of, some I happened across and some I searched for.   I'm sure many of you could provide me with others.   Here are the ones I've come up with:

Rex Berry - football player
Clarence Jackson Berry - Klondike Prospector
Martha McChesney Berry - educator
Halle Berry - movie star
Thomas Matthew Berry - Governor, SD
Jonas Arthur Berry - baseball player
Alan Kent Berry - baseball player
Sean Robert Berry - baseball player
Charles Francis Berry - baseball player
Raymond Emmett Berry - football player
Robert Chadwick Berry - football player
Nathaniel S. Berry - Governor, NH
James Henderson Berry - Governor, AR; US Senator
Jennifer Berry - Miss America 2006
Justin Berry - child internet porn star
Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry - Rock and Roll pioneer
Brian Joe Lobley Berry - Geographer, Social Scientist, Educator
The Province of Berry - France
Richard James Arthur Berry - Anatomist, Neurologist, Anthropologist
Samuel O. Berry - Murderer, Robber
Wendell Berry - Novelist, essayist, poet, professor, cultural critic and farmer.
Hunter Berry - fiddler, Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
David S. Berry - 9/11 victim
Joseph J. Berry - 9/11 victim
Addendum - (from your suggestion)
Kenneth Ronald Berry - TV and movie actor


Blogger Dane Berry said...

Don't forget Ken Berry-TV and Movie actor.

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