Saturday, September 23, 2006

Deja Vu, all over again!

I don't understand why I wouldn't have seen this before.   I don't believe that Sorenson has added more data so soon after their release earlier this month, but ---

Here's another Pedigree posted to SMGF:
Now here's the yAncestry listing for Laurence Jay Berry, #9:
I will say it this time.      I rest my case.

Here are the SMGF results for the pedigree, above:I'll try to confirm that this is, in fact, Laurence, and then post his 13 new (free) markers.

To repeat, EVERYONE should participate in the Sorenson program.   Here's the link again.   Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation   Read about it.

Remember I told you Monday that I'd just ordered a new camera?   Well, it came Thursday and I've been trying it out.
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