Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New member, new view

Rodney Berry, #81, and our 85th participant, joined us yesterday with both yDNA and mtDNA results through the Genographic project.   Rodney is a Y haplogroup R1a1 and an mt haplogroup K.   In addition, he may be a match for our Benton Co. Berrys, color coded Gold.   I say 'may' because he's only tested 12 markers and, as we all know by now, you can get a lot of false matches at 12 markers.   We'll just have to wait for confirmation until he decides to upgrade his test to at least 25, or even better, 37 markers.

The 'new view' is a new yResults page that I've just put on line.   We've always had a 'numerical' view of yDNA Test Results, that is, a seriatim listing of each participant's results.   Now I've added a 'Family' view of yDNA Test Results so that you can now see the results of all the folks in any genetic family grouped together.   Both pages have links on them to be able to toggle back and forth between them.


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