Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Post labor day post

Got back late enough yesterday to decide to finesse the blog post.   Not much DNA happened while I was gone, anyway.   Edward Jay Berry, #71, got 13 more markers back, apparently on the first, and the balance of his 67 marker test came in this morning.   He's the second Project member to have gotten his 67 marker results, and the first of his Culpeper Co. Berry family.   Others are in the pipeline.   Seven more Project members, to be precise.   The yResults page got updated to include all the ySearch, SMGF and EA YSTR-18 markers for the new results.   Actually, I'd done most of the work before I left but just got the finishing touches done and put it online last night.

The dogs seemed happier than usual to have us back, and we were glad to see them.   I'll try to get a post up about the Jubilee in the near future so you all can see what you're missing.


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