Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Singing in the Rain

Wow!   Both Norman Berry, #74, and C. E. Berry, #77, received their 37 marker results yesterday afternoon.   A full month ahead of schedule!

Norman has no matches at any level.   C. E. Berry exactly matches David Scott, #59, and Paul Dean Berry, #36, at 12 markers.   But, alas, David has only tested 12 markers and C. E. is a distance of 6 from Paul Dean at 25 markers!   Not related!   Another illustration of the fact that the 12 marker test may be able to tell you that you're not related to another person, but it cannot tell you that you are.

More news!   I asked C. E. to change his Setup Preferences from the restrictive 'display my matches only to my Surname Project' to the more expansive, 'set my matches against the entire database', and he did so.   When I then took a look at his matches, he is a perfect 37 marker match with someone outside the Project named William A. Barry!   I've written him inviting him to join the Project.   Hope he responds!

You will recall that I wrote about Setup Preferences back on June 14.   This is a prime illustration of the importance of making your information as widely available as possible if you hope to find those hitherto unknown but closely related folks out there.   I will repeat what I said then: "If you have difficulty figuring out how to do this and want me to set it for you, either way, just let me know and I'll be happy to assist."

Boy!   When it rains, it pours!   Late last night new results were posted for James Dennis Berry, #28.   Markers 26 to 37 of his upgrade to 67 markers were posted, again, a month early.   This brings three of the five Berry Plain Berrys to 37 markers.   Another Berry Plain Berry, Todd Berry, #72, has also just ordered his upgrade from 37 to 67 markers.

I wonder if FTDNA is still having some kind of problem with its new 67 marker test?   Jay's showed up yesterday right on time but Scott's, #66, is about 2 weeks past due.   I suppose that it's probably just some tricky marker in the new additions.

News Flash!   This morning I woke up to an email from William Anthony Barry!   Remember?   The 37 marker perfect match to C. E.?   He's either a very early riser or a late night guy like me because he sent his email at 2:00 a.m. from Oregon.   And he's our newest member, #79.   Bill started with the Genographic Project and expanded his Y-DNA markers to 37 and has also tested his mitochondrial HVR1 region.   I'll have his info on the website shortly.   Welcome, Bill.


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