Monday, September 25, 2006

This 'n That

Not too much going on yesterday so I think I'll post a couple of scenes from last Friday evening's dog walk on the mall.Winchester, Virginia, where I live, is one of those old towns that attempted to save its downtown by turning it into a pedestrian mall.   Quite a number of years ago, now.   I guess there are too many empty storefronts for it to be termed any better than a 'moderate' success.   Anyway, the two dogs you saw on Saturday, Phantom and Edn  -  each gets a walk (most) every day.   Just under two miles for each and it includes the mall to try to acclimate them to people and other animals.   People has been pretty successful, other animals a little more problematical, especially with Edn, the younger one.

The old County Courthouse fronts on the mall and they often have concerts on its steps on Friday evenings during the summer.   This was a somewhat more impromptu one the other day.


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