Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Scott Enfield Berry, #66, got the last of his 67 markers in yesterday, almost a month past due.   I'm not thinking that a lot of folks were waiting with bated breath for these last few markers since Scott represents an entirely new and separate haplotype (family).   At 37 markers his closest matches are distances of 11, 12 and 13, and at 67 markers the only other Berrys with results back are 22 and 26 markers distant.   We certainly have a lot of unrelated folks with the same surname!   Don't think I would have won any money betting on the number of separate Berry families when we started this Project.

I used to be able to count the number of unrelated (to each other) Berry families we had in the Project but we now have enough participants that I've lost that ability.   I can still count how many separate haplotypes we have (46) but....   Well, maybe....   I should be able to physically count them on the yResults page.   OK, I count 38 for the folks who have received results, with four still awaiting results.   Not so hard.

38 separate and unrelated Berry families represented in the Project.

Oh, a reminder.   Remember, if any of you are thinking about upgrading you should do it before 5 P.M. Mountain Time today in order not to lose a week in the process!   Read 'FTDNA Upgrade timing (revisited)'.


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