Friday, September 08, 2006

Upgrade timing

Our newest member, Bill Barry, #79, and our member whose result discovered him, C. E. Berry, #77, have both just ordered their 67 marker upgrades.   We now have two members whose 67 marker results have been returned and by the end of October we should have twelve!   Well, maybe early November for Bill and C. E. since their orders haven't been sent to the lab yet.

Speaking of that, I've been trying to determine FTDNA's schedule for sending off batches.   I can't really tell from the short time that I've been observing whether it's a set schedule or whether it depends on how many orders have accumulated.   As near as I've been able to determine it seems to be that batches are shipped off on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings.   If I can observe anything different I'll post it but if that is correct it means that upgrade decision making ought to be done by Wednesday if you don't want your sample sitting around for several days  --  up to a week  --  before being processed.


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