Friday, September 22, 2006

Yet again!

Spending entirely too much time sniffing around the SMGF Y-Chromosome database.   But  --  It seems to have paid off again!

Here's the Pedigree posted to SMGF:

Here's Dennis Doyle Berry's, #30, yAncestry listing:
I won't say it again.   I'll just post his 16 new (free) markers and make sure it was him.

In the meantime, ta-da!   Yesterday's post was identified by John Allen Berry, #39, as his SMGF submission.   He now has ten additional markers in his haplotype.   You can see them posted to his yResults.

EVERYONE should participate in the Sorenson program.   Here's the link again.   Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation   Read about it.


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