Saturday, October 07, 2006

FTDNA acquires DNA-FP

Some of you may not have heard that Family Tree DNA recently purchased the DNA-Fingerprint laboratory in Germany, thereby acquiring the expertise of its Principal and lead scientist, Thomas Krahn.   DNA-FP was a leader in the development of individual and advanced marker testing.   His research was focused on asymmetrical multicopy markers in the palindromic region of the Y chromosome with the purpose to explain apparent mismatches in closely related individuals by recombination processes on the palindromic arms.

To accomodate the merger and continue DNA-FP's offerings, FTDNA has constructed a new laboratory in Houston which will allow multi-parallel processing with modern equipment including a new ABI 3730 sequencer, a state of the art robot platform and customer DNA library to preserve samples in an automated storage freezer system.

As a result of these developments, in addition to its usual Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, FTDNA is now offering Advanced Testing consisting of individual markers or panels for the Y-chromosome, X-chromosome, and autosomal DNA.   Through it you may order any individual markers that they offer so as to round out your haplotype or that you may feel you need to make an individual or family comparison, or you may order several markers that they have grouped together as a 'Panel' at an added savings.   There is a one-time transfer fee of $9.50 the first time you use the Advanced Test Order system.   Here are the markers and panels currently offered:

Note: these are new tests that will be performed at their new lab, so initial orders may take longer than usual. In many cases, transference of DNA from the University of Arizona to Houston will be necessary, which will cause up to a two week delay.


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