Friday, October 13, 2006

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Another short one.   We're going for a weekend visit with our son in Maynard, MA, but that means we'll have to leave early this morning and won't get back till late Monday or maybe even Tuesday.   No music.   No festival.   Well, maybe a wee bit of genealogy.

As long as we're in the neighborhood I've always wanted to see if I could find "...the Berry Family Cemetery in Rye, NH  . . .  located on Breakfast Hill Road approximately 0.3 miles from Route 1.   A stone fence about three foot high surrounds this well kept family burial ground" as described by James McComb.   Don't know who might be buried there but, as I understand it, this is the area, between Portsmouth and Rye, in which the the Strawberry Bank Berrys settled.   Like to see what I might find.

Since we invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003:

2,758 U.S. service members killed.

20,687 U.S. service members wounded.

but the Iraqis must be much better off for our being there, right?

- Iraqi civilian deaths estimated at between 43,937 and 48,783

but, according to a study released Wednesday by the Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health and Al Mustansiriya University in
Baghdad, that estimate is 601,027. Whether that figure is correct,
or whether it is only nearly 50,000 killed, Iraqis are not better off

in "W"'s War.
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