Thursday, October 12, 2006


A quick note of a 'visualization' change I've just made to the Project website.   On each person's personal mtDNA page, reachable from the mtDNA Test Results page by clicking the haplotype, I've changed the visualization of the actual mtDNA sequence.   On your personal FTDNA page the CRS value is shown so the person can see what they would have had, as opposed to what is listed in the mutation list.   The designers decided to leave the CRS as it is so you could see where you were different, and also see what would have been there if you had not had the mutation.

It makes more sense to me to show your own actual mtDNA sequence rather than the CRS so I have inserted your actual mutations at the places indicated.   The added advantage of this approach is that if you ever need to insert your sequence anywhere you may now simply copy it from your personal Project mtDNA page to paste wherever needed.


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