Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SMGF Update

Sorenson Molecular Genealogical Foundation updated their website again yesterday.    I haven't yet learned how to quickly determine the full extent of their additions.    I may never.    For now, I assume that they just added more markers/participants to their YDNA and mtDNA databases.

I can check for mine, #7, pretty easily and determined right off that nothing's been added there.    They had 14 markers posted for me and still have just those 14 markers.    Ah, well.    Maybe next time.

I will take a look, though, to see if I can discover any additional Berrys posted or additional markers for previously posted Berrys.

Well, I've looked at 26 markers posted for Laurance, #9, 33 markers for Dennis, #30, 39 markers for Dane, #35, 37 markers for John, #39 and 42 markers for Lawrence, #61.    If any new markers had been added I couldn't tell it.    All the markers shown at SMGF were already posted for each.

Those, plus a Berry/Lamoreaux line through Utah and the Benton Co. Roger Dale Berry line are all that I recognize.    But there are several other Berrys listed.    I'll detail them in future posts in case anyone else can recognize them.


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