Saturday, March 24, 2007


Two of our participants have recently received results of SNP testing.    Walter, #34, has gotten his Y-HAP-Backbone test results of M269+ placing him in haplogroup R1b1c.    Richard, #82, has gotten his DeepSNP-R1b results of M173+ M207+ M269+ M343+ P25+ M126- M153- M160- M18- M222- M37- M65- M73- P66- SRY2627- placing him in haplogroup R1b1c.    What's the difference, you ask?    I don't know.    Let's take a look.

Why a SNP test?    SNP markers define which haplogroup you are in.
What is a SNP test?    [Answer]

Where most of our DNA testing deals with attempting to advance our genealogy by determining and comparing our haplotypes through STR testing, others, such as SNP testing, attempt to discover our genetic history and ethnic origins themselves.


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