Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Strawberry Bank Berrys

I believe that I should mention the Strawberry Bank Berrys again in hopes of drumming up some interest in DNA testing among the living Berry surnamed descendants of that group.    I now have the Strawberry Bank Berrys database online with just under 1000 folks in it and visually tweaked to the point that I think it's somewhat set until others start offering additions or corrections to it.

I'm a little surprised that information on several of these family lines seems to be readily available on the internet, indicating to me enough people currently interested in them to do the work, while we have none we know to have tested.

I mentioned the other day that there is a claim by some of a relationship between the Strawberry Bank Berrys and the Berry Plain Berrys.1    The migration patterns detailed in Albion's Seed could support this as well as the fact that the Strawberry Bank Berrys family traditions seem to be that they, like the Berry Plain Berrys, are of English descent.    DNA testing could possibly shed some light on this hypothesis as well.

One small (perhaps) controversy that I discovered doing my research is that there seems to be a school of thought that Thaddeus Berry is a son of William Berry, 1610-1654, and another that he is an immigrant himself, separate from the line of William the immigrant, and Irish to boot.    Hopefully there are Berrys out there who would like to explore those assertions.

And, TODAY'S the day.


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