Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not just a young man's game -

My son, Jon, likes to fancy himself the connoisseur of adventures gastronomique.    I'm here to tell you that his claim is not only tenuous, but most certainly nonexclusive!

His mom and I tend to plan our various sojourns so as to pass by certain venues at appropriate times for exploring their offerings.    Our trip last Thursday from Winchester to Charleston, WV, was no exception and we arrived at Bob's Hot Dogs in Elkins, WV, at noontime.To discover a broad selection of delectible choices-I chose the mushroom swiss with homefries-Mm-m-m-m-m-Yes, there is a hotdog in there.

Jon does have an advantage, though.    He's still young enough not to be plagued with those dreaded 'senior moments'.    As an example, on our return yesterday we stopped at The Donut Shop in Buckhannon, WV, for a maple donut and a pepperoni roll.    Did I think to photograph and report on my treasures?    Nope, sorry.    I just enjoyed them.    I'll try to remember to share with you the next time through.


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