Monday, October 01, 2007

The century mark

Our 100th Y-DNA participant joined us last night!    He is Jeffrey Scott Berry who joins us from the Genographic Project with 12 marker results in hand.    His 12 marker results match exactly the first 12 markers of Robert, #46.    Robert has tested 25 markers and to this point had no matches.    It would be nice if both Jeffrey and Robert upgraded to 37 markers so they could see whether this 'possibility' might really be something.

In addition, Jeffery should upload his results to Ysearch by going to his FTDNA personal page, clicking on his Y-DNA MATCHES tab and then clicking on the line that says, "Click here to upload to".    That's all there is to it.    You then have the opportunity to enter contact information and basic information about your earliest known ancestor.

Welcome, Jeff!


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