Saturday, September 22, 2007

Orange Co., NC Berrys

Today it's the Orange Co., NC Berry's turn.

First their yResults -
and their genetic distances table -
The cladogram.
and the obligatory Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor table -
Here's a direct link to the Orange Co., NC Berry yAncestry.

And the family genealogy.

Musing - POSTED AT 10:28 AM - Looking at the yResults table and the cladogram I think I may have been premature to mark the CDYa=36 as the mutation.    I did this before Ken's, #83, results were in when there were three CDYa=37 and two CDYa=36.    It would appear from the cladogram, however, that Billy, #8, represents the ancestral haplotype and that CDYa=37 is, therefore, the mutation.    See here.

While I'm in the musing mode, Ken needs to upload his results to YSearch.    If Ken or anyone else needs help, click here to let me know.


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