Monday, September 17, 2007

Genetic distances

Since we're at a somewhat stable period as far as new data is concerned (we have no unreported tests outstanding), I've entered the data for the entire Project into Dean McGee's Y-DNA Comparison Utility to generate a genetic distance table comparing everyone to see if there might be any matches not shown by FTDNA.    You will recall that this Project is open to Berrys of all spellings and wherever they may have tested.    Several have tested with labs other than FTDNA and this is the only way to discover whether they match other participants.

Each person is identified by a shortened version of his given name accompanied by his participant number.

Perhaps I shouldn't be but I've always been a mite perturbed that the World Families Network purports to run a Barry Family DNA Project associated with FTDNA.    That project was begun in 2005 after our Project, which included the Barry surname, had been in existence for two years and had about 40 members.    We now have 99 Y-DNA participants and five mtDNA (only) participants.    The WFN Barry project only has five 12 marker results so I've included them in this distance table.    Those results are labeled WFB at the bottom of the table.    One does match and would be a 'possible' for our Spartanburg Co., SC Berrys.    That's the one identified as WFB-1.    I can find no way to contact him and I see no pedigree for him on the WF site.    Any ideas, anyone?

By the way, the reason all those WF numbers look so small compared to the others is that each of them has only tested 12 markers so 12 would be the highest genetic distance they could get from anyone.    Another illustration of the limitations of the 12 marker test.


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