Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Summer's last gasp

As usual, our summer travel season ended with our trip to Jubilee.    This is a van camping trip in which we throw a 3/4 size mattress in our minivan and sleep in it.    For the second year in a row we have met our daughter and her son there.    They tent camp with us and we have a nice visit.    The weather could not have been more cooperative if I had been in charge.    Warm days and cool nights.    Good thing, too!    I guess it must have been too hot here when I packed to remember to take a sweater or light jacket?!    Luckily, Betty had thrown my windbreaker/rain jacket in the car for me.

Going, we stopped at Bob's Hot Dogs for lunch, and returning we stopped at the Buckhannon Donut Shop for our pepperoni roll and maple donut.    Life doesn't get much better than that!

While there we met up with a lot of our music friends from West Virginia and elsewhere, played some and listened to a lot of good tunes, like this one, Sally Will You Marry Me?

The dogs are very pleased that we'll be home now until the latter part of October.


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