Sunday, July 01, 2007

Seriously sleep-deprived!

As we might expect, several notable events occurred in my absence.    Paris got out of jail, the iPhone went on sale, we acquired a new participant, our 102nd, James Wenceslas Berry, #97, and Grant's, #93, Y-Hap backbone test came back confirming his haplogroup G2 designation with a P15+.

But, first things first.    You will recall that on our last trip into West Virginia we stopped at the Buckhannon Donut Shop and had a pepperoni roll and a maple donut and, although I did report on it, I failed to document the event.    Thursday, a week ago, June 21st, I had the opportunity to remedy that oversight, and here it is:

The Donut Shop -The selection -Pepperoni Roll and Maple Donut -Yum! -
I've a lot to show you about our visit to Glenville and Allegheny Echoes and I'll include it as I get it prepared over the next several days   -   but I must report on my award -I'm going to have to get hold of one of those McGuffey Readers, the source of the spelling bee words, if I want to win first place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim - could you please explain more about how you are determining who descends from whom? I tend to not understand what you are talking about, and need reminding. Also, are there any who have James and his father, Acrey, Berrey as an ancestor? Barb Berrey Stotler

8:21 PM  
Blogger langolier said...

Sure, Barb. I'd be glad to but I need you to remind me who your participant is?


8:40 PM  

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