Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ta! da!

Happy Father's Day from my graphics design son in L.A. -

Is this cool or what?

In addition, a notice from Relative Genetics:

Relative Genetics is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Ancestry.com, by way of our parent company, Sorenson Genomics.    This new partnership will combine Ancestry.com's unrivaled collection of online family trees and historical documents with Sorenson Genomics' precision ancestral DNA testing.

The powerful combination of these three major pillars of family history research   -   historical records, DNA and family trees   -   will revolutionize family history and add meaningful tools to assist you in your family history research.    Ancestry.com currently has more than 14 million users and the world's largest collection of online family trees.    In the coming months, Ancestry.com will release technology that captures DNA test results and integrates them with the historical documents already in their online family trees.    This integration paired with the ability to collaborate with the Ancestry.com community gives you the ability to add branches to your family tree in one vast, ever-expanding online location.

DNA testing and select genetic genealogy services formerly provided by Relative Genetics will soon be offered exclusively through Ancestry.com.    At that time, your Relative Genetics information will migrate to Ancestry.com.    Before this happens, you will receive an e-mail with more details regarding this transition.

We are excited about the unprecedented possibilities this combination of historical records, DNA and family trees will provide for your family history research.    For more information about the benefits of this exclusive partnership and to view our FAQs, please visit Relative Genetics News.    Should you have any further questions, please e-mail Relative Genetics or contact a member of the Relative Genetics customer support team at 1-800-956-9362.

If you would like to completely exclude your DNA test results, contact information and surname project data from transferring to Ancestry.com, please contact Relative Genetics prior to July 15, 2007.

There is currently an active discussion on the DNA list about whether those with results either tested by RG or posted there 'want to/should' have their results transferred to Ancestry.com for a myriad of reasons.    If you are one of this group you should at least read the FAQs, referenced above.

PLEASE NOTE:   All of this has nothing whatsoever to do with SMGF, which I still recommend to all.


Anonymous Artie Berry said...

That IS a cool logo. I looked high and low for a neon font. Jon, how did you do that??? (Of course, consider carefully what serious graphic design competition I would be if I learned how to make neon fonts.)


11:58 AM  

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