Friday, June 08, 2007

pipline health restored

Thanks to Brian's, #50, order that I mentioned on D-Day, and FTDNA, our pipline is back in business!    I already mentioned the 'free' test/upgrade that they're doing for Danny, #95.    Well, in addition, they have a SNP Assurance policy, announced last November, " if your group has a member for whom we could not predict the haplogroup with 100% confidence, we will run that DNA sample through our Backbone SNP test for free."    Apparently they're not that certain about the Hg G2 that they originally assigned to Grant, #93, so his Y-HAP-Backbone test is also in process.
I think the SNP Assurance thing has already happened without my realizing it.    Dennis, #30, Walter, #34, John, #42, David, #63, Michael, #69, and Dennis, #89, all appear to have had 'Backbone' tests done.    I've been curious in the past about how one ordered the Backbone test because I could never find it in the test listings.    Apparently never curious enough, however, to follow through with trying to find the answer.

Oh, well.    Mystery apparently solved.    If any of you that I've mentioned DID somehow order and pay for the backbone test, though, please let me know.


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