Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stealth member

We've had stealth results before but Danny Berry, #95, is our first 'stealth member' and also our 100th participant!    Whooo-eee!    I don't know when Danny ordered his kit but it was returned to FTDNA on 5/9/2007, his target results date was 6/22/2007, and his results came in yesterday!

What had happened is that when his kit was ordered it wasn't ordered through the Project.    As a consequence we didn't know anything about him and wouldn't have if Ben Henderson hadn't asked about him.    So I asked FTDNA and he was located and put into the Project just in the nick of time.

From time to time we get a little put out with FTDNA for one reason or another and don't hesitate to complain when we do.     For that reason I think it's only fair to tell you about it when they do something good.    Because Danny hadn't ordered through the Project, his Y-DNA12 test cost $149.    When they found him and put him in the Project they said they couldn't refund the test that was already in process but what they did was give him a free Y-DNA13-25 upgrade so that he really got what he paid for, the Project price for the Y-DNA25 test being $149.    Can't get much fairer than that.    All in all, it's my judgment that FTDNA is about the most 'Project friendly' of the DNA testing labs.

Well, back to Danny.    Unfortunately, he didn't closely match any of our current participants.    He's haplogroup I and a GD of 3 from Norman, #74, and 4 from Larry, #48.    Too far for 12 markers but it 'could' improve at 25 markers.    Probably not, but possible.    He's likely one of the folks who has to wait for someone to come along and match him.


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