Friday, June 01, 2007

Vandalia - day 2

The Vandalia festivities typically start at noon each day so we had some time to kill in the morning.    I have liked the Mary Jane shoe style since my 'yout' and I wear Crocs year round so I've been trying to find a pair of red Mary Jane Crocs for Betty for a while now.    We decided to try an enclosed mall in downtown Charleston.

My son, Jon, has a fondness for angles so I took a couple of shots inside the mall that he might like -or, as he likes to photograph with an additional 'angle' -

Well, as on the first day, I spent my time on other pursuits that I didn't record.    I spent some time in the jam tent and at the polish sausage concession (yesterday was blackberry cobbler and homemade chocolate ice cream) and went to a filming of Building a Cello with Harold.    Harold Hayslett is a retired pipefitter from South Charleston and world renowned cello and violin maker who received a Gold Medal for cello tone in 1980 from the Violin Society of America.    My interest in Harold's work stems from the fact that I play his #70 violin fiddle.

But, I did again film some excerpts from the evening concert from the West Virginia State Theater.    First, here's Karl Smakula who appeared in the concert by reason of being the 2006 West Virginia Junior Liar, spinning another -
Frank George

Lester McCumbers

Dwight Diller

Jimmy Costa


And today's contest winners were:

Old-Time Banjo (under age 60)
1st place ($400) - Bob Shank, Bruceton Mills
2nd place ($250) - Bob Smakula, Elkins
3rd place ($150) - David O’Dell, West Logan
4th place ($75) - Ben Townsend, Romney
5th place ($50) - Jim Mullins, St. Albans

Senior Old-Time Banjo (age 60 and over)

1st place ($400) - Gerry Milnes, Elkins
2nd place ($250) - Ben Carr, Wilsie
3rd place ($150) - Bernard Cyrus, Fort Gay
4th place ($75) - Ted Samples, Harrisville
5th place ($50) - Charlie Loudermilk, Frankford

Youth Lap Dulcimer (age 15 and under)

1st place ($75) - Katie Stricker, South Charleston
2nd place ($50) - Shalor Gore, Charleston
3rd place ($25) - Jackson Davis, Tornado

Lap Dulcimer (all ages)

1st place ($400) - Robin Kessinger, St. Albans
2nd place ($250) - Dave Haas, Cross Lanes
3rd place ($150) - Heidi Mueller, Charleston
4th place ($75) - Tish Westman, Mabscott
5th place ($50) - Tim Gillenwater, Griffithsville

Youth Flat Pick Guitar (age 15 and under)

1st place ($75) - Jacob Ryder, Marlinton
2nd place ($50) - Doug Cossin, Mt. Alto
3rd place ($25) - Levi Lipps, Bomont

Flat Pick Guitar (all ages)

1st place ($400) - Matt Lindsey, Dunbar
2nd place ($250) - Adam Hager, Kenna
3rd place ($150) - Brandon Bentley, Sumerco
4th place ($75) - Dan Kessinger, St. Marys
5th place ($50) - Tim Gillenwater, Griffithsville


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wow, I feel so influential! In all honesty, most of my pictures are crooked because I'm always holding the camera out and shooting pics without even looking at what I'm shooting, but I tend to like how they come out that way. :)

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