Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An empty pipeline

Yesterday, with the return of the balance of Grant's, #93, results, the Berry Family DNA Project pipeline is empty!

Grant's is a unique haplotype.    He has one other 'close' match in the entire FTDNA database.    That is a match with someone named Skidmore, 2 markers distant at 25 markers, not anything likely.    Sometimes it's nice to be unique but when we're looking for genetic cousins is not one of those times.

Grant, as well as Ken, #83, Gerald, #85, Nat, #87, BJ, #88, John, #91, and Mark, #94, should all attend to uploading your results to Ysearch through the link in the Y-DNA Matches tab on your FTDNA personal page.    If anyone would like any help with this just let me know.

Ronald, #86, and John, #92, should let me know if you have already uploaded your results so I can put a link on our yResults page, or, let me know if I can help you with the upload.

Don't you all have any folks you need to determine whether are cousins or unrelated?


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