Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wish me luck . . .

This morning I'm off to the Madison Co., Virginia, Burnt Tree Grange Hall to talk about the Berry Family DNA Project to the Berry/Berrey reunion being held there today.    We call these folks the Culpeper Co. Berrys but I maintain an online database for them as the Madison Co. Berrys.    Madison Co. was formed from Culpeper Co. in 1792.

I'm carrying with me seven free DNA kits from SMGF (they meant to send eight) and hoping I can interest that many of these folks to do the test.    Since I recommend this free test for everyone, many of you know the test kit is simply a mouthrinse that you swish around in your mouth for 45 seconds and spit back into its bottle, and a (at minimum) four generation pedigree chart to fill out with full names, and dates and places of birth for each.

If any of you have a similar event coming up I would urge you to do this yourself.    Just let SMGF know what you have and they send you the test kits by FedEx along with an addressed, prepaid FedEx container to return them in.    Can't beat that!

In addition, those very delinquent markers for Brian, #50, have finally arrived so I guess I'll have to start playing with the data to see if anything turns up.    I've already run a genetic distance table for the entire Project and we don't seem to have any matches we didn't already know about.    I'll get it posted sometime after I get back from Madison County.    Too busy making visual aids right now.


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