Thursday, November 01, 2007

Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys

Of the 16 members of the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys, 14 have tested at least 37 markers.    Here's the cladogram for those results:

I've made no attempt to analyze this cladogram.    I'm not sure that I could.    Anyone have any thoughts about whether this shows lines within this Family?

Keep in mind that the U.S. Berrys in this family first show up here around 1740, presumably from Ireland;   the Canadian branch, represented by Cameron, #50, emigrated from Ireland to Canada about 1870;   the New Zealand branch, represented by Gordon, #99, emigrated there from Ireland about 1876;   and the Australian Berry branch, represented by Patrick, #60, emigrated from Ireland to Australia, via South Africa, in the 1880s.    According to their yAncestries, Gordon and Patrick have a common ancestor, Sterling Berry 1771-1828, five generations back and all three have a common ancestor, Thomas Berry c1737-1815, six generations back for Patrick and Gordon, but only five generations back for Cameron.

For the U.S. Berrys, the best we can do (for those lines that we can even get back near a boat) would be a common ancestor with Cameron, Patrick and Gordon about nine generations back  -  could easily be more.    What would be very helpful would be to find some Berrys currently living in Ireland who match the Augusta/Washington Co. Berry line.    I guess the first step in that quest would be to find some Irish Berrys to test.    I don't recall ever seeing an Irish visitor to this blog.    I can only track the last 100 [out of 8,064 total] and the closest in that group is one visitor from York in the U.K.


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I would tend to throw out all of the CDY a or b mutations. However, I will admit that this proposal doesn't make any sense given what we know -- or think we know -- of the paper trails involved. But, I think you did this once and it doesn't truly illuminate anything.

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