Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Products from FTDNA

This notice was just sent to group administrators from Bennett Greenspan:

"I'm pleased to update you on a new set of markers that are now available from the Family Tree DNA Genomics Research Center.

We have now replicated the last 30 markers offered by our partners at the University of Arizona (the ones included in the upgrade from Y-DNA37 to Y-DNA67) for those who are interested in purchasing them on an individual basis.    You can find these markers as Advanced Orders under the Upgrades and Refinements link on each person's personal page.

In addition, we have also created a 9th panel that includes markers tested by Ethno-Ancestry that were not included in any of our previous panels of markers.    Those are also available under the Advanced Orders option.

As you are probably aware, last week we introduced an upgraded panel of R1b SNPs that is now being offered to those who have previously taken our Deep R1b Clade test but were negative for branches 1 through 8 of R1b1c.    It is believed that the new U series SNP's will produce positive results for approximately 40% of people.    We'll see next week as the first 48 people who ordered and already have their DNA in Houston will begin receiving their results today!    We anticipate that this introductory price for the U series SNP's will end once the U series is incorporated into the new Deep R1b panel, which will occur when Dr. Hammer's forthcoming paper on the redesigned YCC Tree is published.    The U series panel will still be available as an upgrade for those individuals who have already had the Deep R1b Clade test.

If you have further questions I'm confident that you know that we're just an email away.

Best Regards

Bennett Greenspan


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