Thursday, February 14, 2008

American Idol?

Not a show that I watch  -   well, maybe until this season.    This year one of the final 12 boys is Colton David Berry from Fishersville, Virginia, a Madison Co. Berry, son of James and Sandra Berry and 6G Grandson of John Berry and Jemima.

Colton has been performing since age 6.    Instead of a back-yard tree house, at 12 he asked his dad to build a back-yard stage for him.

Although young in age, he's had a long career.    He has been seen in productions of The Wiz, Aida and Beauty and the Beast with ShenanArts.    He also directed and appeared in Little Shop of Horrors and Jekyll and Hyde with Front Row Center Productions.    Colton recently appeared in Showtime At the Apollo On Tour at Charlottesville’s Paramount Theatre as a soloist and also had the opportunity to sing in France with the French-American Gospel Music Workshop Exchange.    He also performed in Les Misérables with ShenanArts in July 2006.

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Blogger Unknown said...

wow, I noticed his last name on the show tonight. Uh...not that I watch it, not me! How did you make the genealogy connection though? (Am I going to be sorry I asked?)

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

colton can perform, well but there was also another performer who went to france as well. i believe his name was jonathan king from staunton. WOW could he ever belt out tune. berry.....american idol, maybe.. had jonathan king auditioned he could have been th enext american idol.

2:51 PM  

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